CREW Inland Empire Foundation

CREW Inland Empire feels very strongly about giving back to the community and mentoring the next generation of commercial real estate professionals.  One of the goals of CREW Inland Empire is to create opportunities for women to pursue commercial real estate careers by providing scholarships and mentoring support to women interested in pursuing a career in commercial real estate.  To this end, we have created a separate foundation, CREW Inland Empire Foundation, to raise funds to be distributed for local and national scholarships for students pursuing a career in commercial real estate.

CREW Inland Empire Foundation Scholarships


CREW Network Foundation

CREW Network Foundation
CREW Network Foundation, the philanthropic arm of CREW Network, is the only charitable foundation solely dedicated to advancing women in the commercial real estate industry. CREW Network Foundation is committed to bringing more women into commercial real estate by offering programs like CREW Careers and UCREW that educate women and girls about the career opportunities in the industry; supporting CRE higher education and training through college scholarships and internships; and providing mentorships to those new to the industry.