CREW Inland Empire Board Spotlight - NoRhett Walls

February 26, 2020

CREW Inland Empire Board Spotlight - NoRhett Walls

NoRhett Walls
Vice President
Chicago Title National Commercial Services


What is your Board Position?
CREW Inland Empire President

Why did you decide to join the Board/CREW?
When opportunity knocks, you answer the door.  I was asked to join the CREW Board by my dear friend Peggy Hosking.  Peggy met me for lunch and told me about the tremendous opportunity it is to get involved with the CREW IE Board.  Peggy explained how becoming involved with the local board would help me expand my skills in team building, problem solving, creating and building better relationships and communication.  

I was instantly sold on the idea.  I LOVE to learn and felt that I needed to improve in all areas we discussed.  I asked to please have my name added to the list for a vote. 

Six years later, I am still learning and developing my skills, not only for business - but on a personal level as well.  CREW is an unbelievable organization that helps people build better relationships and develop skills to up their game in business.

What is your specialty? 
CRE!!   I get asked this question all the time, “What’s your Specialty?”   The truth is EVERYTHING CRE.  Title Insurance is much more than Insuring a property through the closing process.   Your relationship with your Title Professional will save your deal every time.  Relationships are everything in today’s world and having the ability to move mountains when needed can be beneficial for your business.  

Entitlements, Construction Loans, Easements, Land Assemblage, Opportunity Zones, Retail, Business Parks, Big Box Industrial etc. 

If it has a Deed, I deal with it.

What types of referrals are you looking for?
Anyone looking to Assemble, Entitle, Buy, Sell, Construct, Refinance or Loan.  I am also looking for anyone wanting to learn about CRE, helping others is the best part of my day. 

What are your Goals for the Board this year?  For our CREW chapter?
The CREW IE 2020 Board is a group of outstanding and amazing individuals.  I am privileged to work alongside each of them this year and in 2021 as well. 

Every year there are several ideas or “wants” that we board members manage to complete or finally get around to.  It seems that as soon as we have our board positions figured out and complete the tasks associated with the position, the 1 Year term is over and it’s time to move on!  We usually still have the desire to complete a few more items or bring new ideas to the table, so we changed it up. 

I asked everyone interested in a board position for 2020, along with those that were leaving the board: “What were your biggest challenges for 2018 and 2019?”  Everyone shared the same answer: “As soon as we were able to get a handle and understanding of the job that we were tasked to complete - the term was over.  Now that we understand what is needed, we could do so much more!”

We did not have completed succession plans for each board or committee position to leave as a guide for the next board member.

By asking the board to serve a consecutive 2-year term, and by having a Co-Chair for each position, we will have the time and help needed to complete a successful succession plan for future boards of CREW IE. 

By doing this successfully, we will also be able to complete the major goals of building Memberships and Programs.  We are using social media this year to promote our Member to Member business, and Programs to educate. The 2020 Board has the strength and dynamics to make the future bright for CREW IE!